Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What are you doing about climate change?

Every single business needs to be taking action.  

The first step is to conduct a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory.  Have you done that yet? 

The subsequent steps are to reduce emissions and then offset the remaining ones.  By conducting a GHG inventory, you will discover ways to make positive changes.  This is an iterative process so progress can be measured and reported.  

It is the transparency of the process and the reporting that helps provide credibility.  If you aren't transparent you will lose credibility and might be accused of greenwashing.  How sustainable is that? How long do you think that type of firm will survive in this market?

Stakeholders are far more sophisticated these days and are asking legitimate questions.  On Friday last week I sent an email announcement formally introducing TriLibrium and our website.  One of the receipients noted our GHG offsetting claims and asked the following questions:

Upon review of your website you mention that you will be "offsetting" your GHG emissions.  I have a  few questions/comments:  How are you determining your GHG Emissions?  What Scope are you defining and what are your boundaries?   As a matter of transparency, it might be advisable to define how you are calculating your GHG Emissions.  Also, it may be advisable to indicate how you are offsetting your GHG Emissions.  What company you intend on buying offsets from, etc.

I'll share my answers with you tomorrow.

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