Thursday, February 5, 2009

$3 Trillion, get ready to be ripped off

I woke up to a liberal talk radio host interviewing a conservative FOX business guy and their prediction and conclusion was that next week, the government should and would set up a new federal bank, capitalized with $3 TRILLION to buy up all the bad loans in the system. What the hell?

Even before the latest crisis, it is a Wall Street myth that the old economy worked. Sure, it made some people fabulously rich and it did supply many needed goods and services, but even more glaring is the fact that it failed on so many levels (Think of unmet NEEDS and environmental and social havoc). Spending trillions of dollars to restore the economic system to its previous condition is a reckless waste of time and resources.

Have you gotten your copy of David Korten's new book Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth? Here is a link if you need one.

I'll leave you with two good links today.  First, is a real nice review of David's book so you can get a taste of what is covered.

Second is an excellent article by Prof. John McMurtry from Global Research on the current problems and the choices we face. Near the end he concludes:

The most instructive moments in America’s history have been forgotten - for example, the 1776 American Revolution itself which Benjamin Franklin said was most of all to wrest back control over the issuing of money from the private Bank of England; Abraham Lincoln’s issue of “greenbacks” to go over the head of the New York bankers’ demand of 17% compound interest to fund the war for the Union; and FDR’s historic New Deal which guaranteed minimum economic security and put people back to work in rebuilding the real economy. Yet not even the Depression has demanded the economic reset now required to resolve the coinciding energy, environmental, employment and financial crises confronting America and the world.

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