Saturday, February 14, 2009

Real solutions? - Perhaps

I'm an idea guy.  That is one of my core strengths so I always find myself looking around for ideas that can help solve the world's problems and create a place that works for all.

I have two things to share this morning.  First, is a link to Chris Martenson's Crash Course.  The first sentence on the home page reads, "Ready to learn everything you need to know about the economy in the shortest amount of time?"  

This is an entertaining and highly informative 20 chapter video course offered in very digestible 5-10 minute segments.  I'm on Chapter 14 so I don't know how it concludes but I recommend you check it out.  I was hooked after watching the first 10 minutes.

The second item is a link to Common Good Bank.  Their goal is to create a new type of institution for a sustainable economy and to provide the "social agenda with a bank", rather than a bank with a social agenda.  You can visit their site to get more information but on the surface it looks like a good idea and I've signed up as a supporter.

I will remind readers that where you bank matters.  Not all banks are created equal.  A scholar (forgot his name) gave a lecture while I was at BGI and asserted that the most powerful leverage point for a consumer to bring about sustainable change was the decision of where to bank.  

I can't recall the entire list but I do recall where you buy your gas was #2 (Exxon Mobile = BAD) and that where you get your food was somewhere in the top 5.

Do you still keep your money in global corporate banks?  Aren't they part of the problem?

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