Thursday, January 29, 2009

It is easy being Green

My neighborhood Trader Joe's provides every customer who brings in a reusable bag with an entry ticket to a weekly drawing for $25 gift certificates. A few weeks back they counted up the number of entry tickets and it totaled 14,634 in one week!!! That is amazing.

I've been reusing and refusing bags for over 30 years now and I estimate my own savings would be enough to fill a small swimming pool with bags. Just think how much unnecessary packaging could be saved if we all just brought our own bags?

Without knowing the cost of bags I would still estimate Trader Joe's saves at least $1,000 per week when you add in the full cost of ordering, storing and handling new bags compared to when customers bring their own.

My coop makes a contribution to community groups and lets customers vote by placing a bean in a bucket. Both approaches appeal to me a lot better than the old standby of giving the consumer $.05/bag off their total.

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