Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Than Money

I was at BGI this weekend where I help teach accounting and finance. Mark Albion, the former Harvard Business School professor, best selling author, and founder of Net Impact was there. I had met Mark before and found his book True to Yourself — Leading a Values-Based Business, and personal life story, inspiring as I ventured out into the real world with my MBA.

Mark's new book is called More Than Money: Questions Every MBA Needs to Answer and he was again talking about the importance of a creating a life of meaning. As an MBA, I have a lucky lottery ticket and the question is, what should I do with my lucky ticket? The cultural expectation is to cash it in for money and status, but is that really fulfilling? To me the answer is no.

Mark told the story of how he used his MBA skills to help a small scale fisherman. You can see that story here in a 3-minute video I hope will prompt some discussion and thought about sustainability, business and life.

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