Thursday, December 11, 2008

How do you source your copy paper?

Yesterday I had to print some handouts for the course I taught on Sustainability for CPAs. Our office is primarily paperless so buying copy paper isn't something we do very often but I purchased three reams for us to have on hand.

And here is the cool part. The paper we purchased was FSC-certified made from 100% post-consumer waste. It was manufactured using Green-e 100% Certified Renewable Energy (from biomass), and processed chlorine free. This paper is made without cutting down any trees or creating any additional green house gases.

And guess what? The manufacturer is Gray's Harbor Paper manufactured right here in the northwest (Hoquiam, WA). This is a locally owned company that closes the recycling loop by taking our local paper waste and turning it back into paper. I think everyone in the northwest should be buying their paper. Here is a great story about the company and their impact on the community.

Too much of the paper we recycle in the northwest is shipped across the ocean to China where it recycled using dirty coal-fired plants like the one pictured above then shipped back to us at enormous environmental costs. Harbor 100 should be the paper of choice for any northwest firm interested in sustainable economies.

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Brian C. Setzler said...

I heard a story on OPB this morning that said many garbage haulers are stockpiling recycled materials because supply is greater than demand.

It is important that we recycle, it is equally important that we seek out recycled products to help close the loop.