Friday, December 5, 2008

Bullish on Sustainable Business

Our accounting firm is in the process of adding staff which means we are growing. As a new firm, it would be hard to get any smaller but still, I remain bullish on the market sectors and business organizations committed to sustainability.

Why in the face of continued negative economic forecasts am I hopeful? Because I know that humans have and will always have an economy and that the green economy is the economy of the future and will continue to grow accordingly.

While the old economy is changing, the leading green edge is vibrant. For example, here is a recent report showing LEED building starts are up five fold. Here is another story about a research report showing that 2009 will be a good year for green IT. I also suspect part of Barack Obama's economic plan will include a huge capital infusion towards building the green economy of tomorrow.

I meet every day with business owners and entrepreneurs. All of them are concerned about the economy while simultaneously excited about the future. Our job, as business leaders, is to remain hopeful and to build the types of triple-bottom line organizations we will need in the emerging economy.

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