Monday, May 3, 2010

Renewal and Revitalization

The Earth goes through its annual cycle of rebirth, abundance, decay, and dormancy. Our lives consists of cycles although most of us see only linearity.

Working in an accounting firm is like joining a series of cycles: New businesses starting, older ones being closed or transferred, tax seasons, year ends, visioning, implementing, etc. The cycles are endless and important.

Our firm, TriLibrium, just completed a 3-day working retreat on beautiful Whidbey Island. This is our second retreat and I find them to be critical to our firm's success and culture. We used this time to strengthen our team, renew our vision, deal with challenging issues, and bond as humans.

We can't do this work in an office and yet it must be done.

Are you taking time in your business to step away from the day to day routine to provide time to appreciate the cycles of your business?

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