Thursday, June 4, 2009

Water for Humans

Water for Humans is a non-profit social venture created and launched by fellow Bainbridge Graduate Institute colleagues Stan Brown and Rick McKenney. Their mission is to provide low-cost, clean water solutions to underserved populations while ensuring that water remains a local, public resource. They have two communities in Mexico where they will begin their fieldwork in early July.

Water for Humans has been working for over a year to get everything lined up. They are seeking $25,000 over the next four weeks to help fund and support their work as they ramp up their operations.

Water is expected to be the next scarce resource as we pollute and overexploit the very limited fresh water we have. It is predicted that 21st century wars could be about water. I'm proud of Stan and Rick for their efforts, commitment and vision. Check out their website and help Water for Humans with a contribution if you are inclined.

If you want to know more about the water issue, check out the following movie trailer.

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