Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pedalpalooza, biking and more

I love Portland. We are in the midst of Pedalpalooza, a 2-week long bike festival with over 200 events. Every day there are classes, events, parades and lots of special rides (pub rides, pizza rides, chocolate rides, naked rides, endurance rides, and many, many more). Last night I went on the Epic Pizza Ride.

I've been riding my bike more often. Today I rode my bike to a lunch appointment a little over 1 mile away, then hit the bank and the post office on the way back. I don't think it is a coincidence that I started riding more, especially for work, at the exact same time we started our carbon footprint analysis at TriLibrium. We are preparing our initial GHG report and I am certain travel will comprise over 80 percent of our emissions footprint. Riding a bike adds nothing to our footprint.

What gets measured gets managed.

This is yet another reason to do a GHG inventory report.

Preparing our greenhouse gas inventory report made me more conscious.

Biking is an easy and effective way to decrease carbon emissions, increase exercise, have more fun and unplug from the car culture.

Bike culture is so refreshing.

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