Thursday, January 13, 2011

Values = Marketing

We've been in business a little over two years and have spent relatively small amounts on traditional marketing and advertising. Yet we are growing rapidly and are currently expanding our office.

How so?

We let our values lead. Of course, we do excellent work and have a compelling value proposition but like an ante, those are required to play. We are trying to move beyond that.

In our office expansion we've taken the following steps to walk our triple bottom line talk:
  • We made sure we had a construction bid from a minority contractor (didn't win but that is business, at least we made the effort to reach out and be inclusive).
  • We purchased Steelcase Think chairs made out of nearly 40% recycled materials and with Cradle-to-Cradle design, are over 90 percent recyclable at the end of their lives.
  • We had made a custom built receptionist station built from locally sourced reclaimed wood, designed by a Meld-Design, a customer of ours.
  • We had custom round meeting tables built from locally sourced reclaimed wood and designed by Endurawood, another customer of ours.
  • Endurawood is also building us end tables and a coffee service table for our reception area, again from locally sourced reclaimed wood.

While we probably spent 10-20 percent more than we might have had we gone CHEAP and only considered short term costs, I believe these are great long-term investments due to the longevity and craftsmanship of the furniture, the comfort and pride my employees and customers have sitting in excellent chairs while meeting over handcrafted furniture, and the "marketing" story we have communicating our values to our target market.

Richard Seireeni coined the term the "Gort Cloud" which helps describe the network I feel we've tapped into.

Perhaps you could redirect your marketing and advertising budget towards authentic messages about who you are?

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