Monday, November 30, 2009

The Power to Purchase

Now that "Buy Nothing Day" has passed and we're all back to consuming, we still have the power to vote with our dollars. How are you spending yours?

I am pretty conscious about my spending, both at home and work. I take pride reducing the supply chain when I buy quality products from local vendors.

As you'll note from my blog, I advocate for a different economy. Our global economy is broken, despite the illusions and mass deceit necessary to keep the game going for the near term and to serve the interests of those at the top of the pyramid. An economy based on greed is the worst kind.

The good news is that there is another economy rising up and it cherishes your support. Every dollar you invest in the new economy makes a difference. I repeat, every dollar you invest in the new economy makes a difference.

One way to support the new economy is to support Certified B Corporations. Whether your role is investor, advocate, policy maker, worker, partner, or consumer, your support of B Corps makes another world possible.

Some of my B Corp colleagues are offering holiday specials to the B Community and our friends. Click here to check out the B Community discounts.

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