Thursday, April 9, 2009

Successful Business Kit

We just published this book to help guide start-up businesses.  It contains useful information on:
  1. The choice of legal entity
  2. Registering with the tax authorities
  3. Accounting and bookkeeping considerations
  4. Payroll taxes and reports
  5. Fiscal year-end considerations
  6. Income tax considerations
  7. Cash planning and forecasting
  8. Credit and financing your business
  9. Insurance considerations
  10. Leading towards sustainability
  11. Your role in the voluntary carbon market
  12. LEED
  13. Eco-balances
  14. Selecting professional advisors

It is somewhat tailored for Oregon businesses but would be helpful for any start-up business.   

To request a copy, give us a call at the TriLibrium office.

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