Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Residential Energy Tax Credits Set to Expire

Hurry!! At the end of 2008, without Congressional action, the only remaining federal residential energy tax incentives available for homeowners will expire. You must act soon if you want to take advantage of the following tax credits:

FUEL CELL POWER PLANT – A credit of 30 percent, to a maximum of $500 per ½ kilowatts of electricity generated by electrochemical means from a qualified fuel cell plant installed in the taxpayer’s primary home located in the United States.

SOLAR ELECTRIC AND/OR SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS - The credit is 30 percent of the cost, with a maximum cap of $2000, for the installation of a qualified system in the taxpayer’s primary or secondary home located in the United States.

These credits are nonrefundable and can only be used to offset your income tax in the current year. Any unused credit can be carried forward to future years. No credit is allowed for expenditures related to hot tubs or swimming pools. You may lose part or all of the credit if you are taxed by the alternative minimum tax.

The House passed H.R. 5351 (Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2008) back in February 2008, which would have extended these credits as well as others to 2009 and beyond. Unfortunately, the bill is stuck in the Senate and faces a threatened veto so it looks unlikely to pass this year. The cost of the extended credits would have been funded by reducing subsidies to the oil and gas industry. Hmmm, I wonder if that has anything to do with the hangup?

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NathanHopp said...

Has this changed at all? What do you think about encouraging a new standards of tax credits, for energy efficiency in the homes. Similar to REC (Renewable Energy Certs) where a homeowner would recieve credit for changing light bulbs, HVAC, etc. Who would stand to benefit? Would there need to be Federal agency involved, or could State by State? Has anyone confronted this idea? I would be interested in collaborating.