Thursday, May 8, 2008

What are you doing with your rebate?

I have been receiving lots of requests from non-profits to donate all or a portion of my rebate check. While I routinely donate 100% of my Oregon kicker refund, I am not planning to do the same with this federal rebate. I may donate some but have yet to be convinced of the connection between my rebate and my charitable giving.

With the Oregon kicker I know that the money I get back comes directly from the state agencies that benefit Oregonians. I always donate my kicker to public schools.

The federal rebate is different. Half the money comes from the military budget and the other half from federal programs. However, given the federal spending and deficits, does this rebate really impact any agency? I don't think so.

I contribute approximately 10 percent of my income to charity and non-profit groups working to make the world a better place. I don't plan to donate more because of this rebate. Instead, I plan to use my rebate to pay down a loan.

What are you doing with your rebate?

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